Grit floor

The cement grit floors are a historical part of Italian architecture and I find them in many houses. The designs composed by these tiles are uniquely characteristic of this type of floor and the homeowners want to restore it to see its shine again. The grit floors get consumed and opacified with daily use, for this reason it’s necessary an intervention to bring them back to their original splendor.

This is the kind of work Our Company realized in Versilia area where our staff used a tool with diamond disks and water. The diamond, contained in the discs, appropriately to the types of flooring, can smooth and polish it, thanks to their mechanical movement. In this type of treatment, it’s not necessary to use any wax and the end result will give mirror polished floors. After having polished the floors, it is advisable to protect them with the latest generation water-repellent and oleo-repellent treatment that does not alter the floor’s color and shine.

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