The kitchen in Calacatta Marble in Paris

A well-known architect has requested our intervention for his house in Paris. For his kitchen table worktop was used Calacatta marble, which was scratched by daily use of knives and other sharp materials and corroded by acidic food. During the restoration work, our staff used mechanical tools, polished the kitchen counter and eliminated scratches and corrosion bringing the top and the table back to perfect condition.

After the polishing the top, in order to protect the worktop, our staff have applied a water and oil-based stain-resistant treatment. The stain-resistant treatment does not change the natural appearance of the surface but it does not guarantee protection from corrosion, so the surface, despite being water-repellent, is still exposed to acidic foods such as fruit juices and all other substances that can corrode calcareous materials.

For the daily maintenance of the kitchen counters made by stone materials (i.e. marble, granite and quartzite) it’s recommend to always use neutral detergents if the finish of the worktop is glossy, it is advisable to use non-abrasive sponges.

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