The selection of works

The cement grit floors are a historical part of Italian architecture and I find them in many houses. The designs composed by these tiles are uniquely characteristic of this type of floor and the homeowners want to restore it to see its shine again. The grit floors get consumed and opacified with daily use, for this reason it’s necessary an intervention to bring them back to their original splendor. This is the kind of work Our
The customer requested our intervention for a marble door’s frame. The Marfil cream is a beige marble, which is mostly used in the interior with a glossy finish. For restoring the marble which was very damaged caused by a collision, it was necessary a long intervention. As you can see in the image before the treatment, there were missing some marble parts which you can see in the picture after the frame was restored. For
A well-known architect has requested our intervention for his house in Paris. For his kitchen table worktop was used Calacatta marble, which was scratched by daily use of knives and other sharp materials and corroded by acidic food. During the restoration work, our staff used mechanical tools, polished the kitchen counter and eliminated scratches and corrosion bringing the top and the table back to perfect condition. After the polishing the top, in order to protect
Our company often receive requests for treating of this type stains. The laying of floors and wall tiles in stone materials should be realized with attention to the characteristics of the stone, to the glue formula, and to the presence of humidity. An unsuitable glue, after laying could create the stains on the entire surface or on part of it. In this occasion, the stained material was a “Californian Calacatta”, in other times our staff found
The client asked our company to make an intervention for his staircase made out of Bush-Hammered and brushed Botticino. As soon as they have been laid, these stones have been damaged by the first cleaning and a following protective treatment applied with inappropriate products. When cleaning stone materials, it is always very important to know the characteristics of the stones and their finishes because there are products specifically designed to obtain the results wanted without
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